History From Around the World

Pirates came from around the world, bringing with them different cultures, traditions, languages, and legends. Join the Revenge, and discover how pirates changed history, in more ways than you can imagine!

Brief History of the Corset

Ahh, corsets; the well-hated fashion accessory has finally squirmed its way back into modern day fashion. Its tight laces, iron supports, and unbreathable countenance have earned a horrible reputation. For hundreds of years, women have been fantasized to look curvy, like an S. However, the ribs and spine got in the way. So what did humanity […]

The Good Pirate – Black Sam Bellamy

Would you be surprised to know that not all pirates were evil scumbags? Well, I was certainly surprised! After careful research, I stumbled upon a pirate known as Black Sam Bellamy. He was the least feared pirate, and yet, he was still very successful. His crew admired him, and he was friends with some of […]

Did Pirates Speak Pirate?

“Avast ye scurvy dogs and swab the deck before I feed ye to the sharks!” Is what most people imagine a pirate to say after waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The typical pirate talk, elongated with extra ARRRRS and AHHOYS has made its way into accepted pirate movies, music, and even […]

The Positions Pirates Held on a Ship

  According to hundreds and hundreds of papers, books, and articles (roughly five, including illustrations), pirates were not the ruthless scumbags that Disney paints them as today. They were intelligent heartless scumbags, willing to kill for gold. But they also had moral laws, the pirate code, and individual positions that crew members could hold. Pirate […]

Buried Gold: Myth or Legend?

Wouldn’t it just be incredible to one day be strolling along the beach and suddenly stumble upon an old wooden chest filled with 16th-century Spanish doubloons? Well, for most treasure hunters, that would be a dream come true! Especially if that particular chest came from an abandoned ship, or perhaps from a legendary place where […]

The Life of a Pirate

The life of a pirate meant signing a contract in which you state that you’d agree to work for a certain amount of time. If you deserted during this time, you could get keel-hauled (tied to the ship, then dumped overboard so that you would drown or die from the wounds received), lashed by the […]

Humble Beginnings

When I first put the poem of Missy Black on paper, I had no idea how it would turn out. Years ago, it was merely a fun activity to share for a poetry reading at the local library. In a few short months, it became much more than that. But I am getting ahead of […]